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Alight’s NEW Jobs Pathway Program

The Uniting for Ukraine Jobs Sponsorship Pathway is a program organized by Alight that allows Ukrainians and their immediate family members to live and work in the USA for up to two years. Alight will sponsor successful candidates and their family, help them to relocate, and connect them with additional resources upon arrival to the USA.

Alight is supporting Ukrainians interested in this pathway and connecting them with job opportunities before they depart to the USA. If you fill out this short form, an Alight Guide will reach out to you to speak more about the program and your interest.

Eligibility Requirements for the Jobs Sponsorship Pathway

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How it Works

Moving from Europe to the United States might sound hard and intimidating. Alight is here to make it as seamless as possible. Below is an overview of the steps one will take upon deciding that this program is right for them.


Confirm your eligibility and evaluate if the USA might be right for you. Once eligibility is confirmed you will be connected with an Alight Guide


Submit information about your skills, experience, and employment goals


If you are selected for the program, you can interview, learn about the position, and decide if you want the job


You will be greeted at the airport by a supporter, then will be driven to your new home with a warm welcome


Alight Guides and our resettlement partners will be nearby to support you with acclimating to the USA

Need an answer?

We have gathered commonly asked questions for you to review in our FAQ page.

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Support Offered through the Jobs Sponsorship Pathway

Alight and our partners are offering a unique package of support that will help newly arrived families thrive. Alight will act as the official sponsor, working hand-in-hand with resettlement agencies and Alight Guides to care for individuals and families who resettle through the Jobs Sponsorship Pathway.

Important Reminders

The very first step in this process is confirming you and the members of your party are eligible. It may be necessary to consult an immigration lawyer to understand your unique circumstances.

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What does sponsorship mean? And why do I need it?

Under Uniting for Ukraine, the U.S. government allows people fleeing the war in Ukraine to seek refuge in the USA on a temporary basis known as humanitarian parole, with the support of a sponsor in the USA. The sponsor will provide initial financial support to meet the basic needs of someone fleeing Ukraine and sign a form called the I-134.

Sponsors can be U.S. citizens, permanent residents or other lawfully present individuals. This includes individuals on Temporary Protected Status (TPS) and refugees. Groups of sponsors, nonprofits, educational institutions, and employers can also help sponsor people fleeing Ukraine.

See FAQs for more information >

Secure employment & sponsorship through Alight

Important Note:
The U.S. government requires someone coming into the program under Uniting for Ukraine to have a sponsor.

Commonly Asked Questions about Employment

Can I quit the job if I don’t like it?

We recommend that clients stay at their accepted places of employment in the USA for a minimum of 6 months; any shorter time at their place of employment may risk their sponsorship with Alight.

Will I have the same job as I did in Ukraine?

This is unlikely though not impossible. Our goal is to help you find a fulfilling profession where your current skills are utilized and/or new skills are gained. Our partner will connect you to find employment opportunities if qualified. Successful candidates have moderate to high fluency in English.

Can I travel back to Ukraine or out of the country?

This is not recommended. You may leave the USA at any time. However, this may disqualify you from the program. The length of your stay outside the USA may render you ineligible for employment and affect the support you receive from resettlement partners. Special permission to exit and enter the country under this program must be granted by the U.S. government.

See FAQs for more information >

Housing Placement

Important Note:
Housing costs are covered until you begin your job, approximately 15 days. It is expected that you will be able to cover your cost of living once employment starts

Commonly Asked Questions about Housing

Is housing free?

The initial housing costs will be covered for approximately two weeks. Once you start working, it is expected that your income will be sufficient to cover your living expenses. Alight and its partners will provide you with informed decision-making support before you accept a job, so that you know what to expect and the support system that will be available to you.

Can I bring my pet(s)?

Finding suitable, affordable long-term housing that allows pets is often very difficult. At this time we are only able to accept candidates who do not bring pets.

See FAQs for more information >

Resettlement Agency Support

Commonly Asked Questions about Resettlement Agencies

Is education free in the USA?

Public education is free for children age 5 until the age of 18 or when a student graduates from high school. For children under the age of 5, childcare is not free although some subsidized options exist. Resettlement agencies can help you connect with those options. For students 18 years of age and above some scholarships are available and a variety of lower costs learning options are possible. Each will depend on your unique location, needs, and goals.

What else will they help me with in the first 45 days?

Resettlement agencies are largely focused on navigating local, state, and federal benefits. They will help you fill out and file paperwork properly to ensure you have the resources, protections, and documentation, you need to thrive. Examples include: applying for medical insurance and enrolling your child in school.

How do I pay for medical expenses?

Medicaid provides health coverage to millions of Americans, including eligible low-income adults, children, pregnant women, elderly adults, and people with disabilities. Medicaid is administered by states, according to federal requirements. The program is funded jointly by states and the federal government. You would qualify temporarily for this insurance plan.

See FAQs for more information >

Alight Guides to support along the way

Alight Guides are based in Poland, Ukraine, and the USA to support Ukrainians through the entire journey; from program awareness to thriving in the USA. They support people with a wide variety of things including the specific tasks below:

Polish Guides

U.S. Guides

Commonly Asked Questions about Alight Guides

Are guides in person or online?

Alight Guides are a combination of both. When and where possible we will have Alight Guides on the ground in the city you are in. When this is not possible we will ensure you have access to remote guides who are capable of supporting you.

See FAQs for more information >

Here to help you in select cities in the USA

The current cities/areas in the USA that are participating are:

  • Syracuse/Buffalo area, New York
  • Boston, Massachusetts
  • Omaha, Nebraska/Council Bluffs, Iowa area

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Who we've helped

First Ukrainian arrived in Boston ready to start her job
MN organization helps rehome Ukrainians in Twin Cities
Organization searching for Minnesotan sponsors for Ukrainian families
Ukrainian refugee family settles in Brooklyn Park sponsor home

Alight’s Role

Alight Guides can inform clients about the different pathways under Uniting for Ukraine so they may determine the best pathway to pursue.

For individuals and families that choose the Jobs Pathway and are accepted into the program, Guides will provide support before departing for the USA and after.

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Our partners

We’re partnering with The Shapiro Foundation, Kuja Kuja, Social Finance, and Talent Beyond Boundaries for funding, employment, and housing resources.

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Alight will prioritize ONLY applicants who are eligible and most likely to be successful candidates for the program, as there are limited spaces available. Please note that due to a high volume of interest, Alight cannot accept every candidate for this program. If your information indicates that you would be a great candidate for the job sponsorship pathway, you will be assigned to an Alight Guide who will connect with you discuss options for resettlement.