Job Board

As job openings become available, employers will select candidates to interview. The following job descriptions provide an overview of the typical skills and experiences required in some of the industries that participate in the Jobs Sponsorship Program.

Positions will be throughout the USA and pay will vary between each industry and city.

Medical Pathway Training Program

Patient Care Techician


Boston area, Massachusetts

Training Program

Paid 4-week training program. Beginnings in September


  • Must complete the 4-week training program.
  • Must be FLUENT in English.
  • Provides for activities of daily living by assisting with serving meals, feeding patients as necessary and ambulating, turning, and positioning patients; and providing fresh water and nourishment between meals.
  • Provides adjunct care by administering enemas, douches, non-sterile dressings, surgical preps, ice packs, heat treatments, sitz and therapeutic baths; and applying restraints.
  • Maintains patient stability by checking vital signs and weight; testing urine and recording intake and output information.
  • Provides patient comfort by utilizing resources and materials; transporting patients; answering patients’ call lights and requests; and reporting observations of the patient to nursing supervisor.
  • Documents actions by completing forms, reports, logs, and records.
  • Protects organization’s value by keeping patient information confidential.
  • Estimated pay is $19-21 per hour

Childcare Teacher Assistant


Boston and great Boston area, Massachusetts


  • Responsibilities
  • Paid experience working full-time with children between the ages birth-8 years old for some meaningful time (they want at least 6 months of experience)
  • Basic understanding of child development and learning
  • Ability to meet children’s physical needs and care routines (feeding, toileting, and rest)
  • Ability to meet children’s emotional needs with respect and patience
  • Capable of establishing positive and collaborative relationships with families
  • Candidates see themselves with careers in early childhood education, not as a stop gap to different employment.
  • Estimated pay is $18-20 per hour