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Przemyśl is a small town located only 14 km from the border with Ukraine. For many people who came from beyond the eastern border, this city is the first contact with Poland, mainly as a transit point. It has always been strongly associated with Ukraine - not only through its geographical location but also through the Ukrainian population who have lived in Przemyśl for centuries.
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Przemyśl is a a perfect place for life with children away from noise and rush of big cities. It is also the nearest city to Ukrainian border crossing, that is why many families want to stay here.
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Przemyśl is a city in southeastern Poland, a part of Subcarpathian Voivodeship. Przemyśl owes its long and rich history to the advantages of its geographic location. The city lies in an area connecting mountains and lowlands known as the Przemyśl Gate (Brama Przemyska), with open lines of transportation, and fertile soil. It also lies on the navigable San River. Important trade routes that connect Central Europe from Przemyśl ensure the city's importance. The Old Town of Przemyśl is listed as a Historic Monument of Poland.

After February 24, 2022, when the full-scale war in Ukraine began, several thousand people a day traveled through Przemyśl in the first days. Hundreds of volunteers and local authorities undertook the coordination of the border crossing in Medyka, and at the railway station in the city.

At present, the traffic in Przemyśl has decreased, but local organizations and local authorities continue to provide help to people who came from Ukraine. At the train station, there is a 24/7 information desk, a room for mothers with children and a free hot drinks and snacks point.

Due to the limited number of available places for a longer stay, we recommend going to larger towns to find accommodation or work. As a transit point, Przemyśl is well connected with other cities and you can get things done here before continuing your journey.

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